A sense of immortality of Kursk and Soviet times was captured by a man who chose to see things a little differently from others.

Genady Bodrov was born on 17 May 1957, in Soltsy, Novgorod region. His family moved to Kursk and resided somewhere around Shkolnaya street, whereby it was nicknamed the ‘monk’s cave’. Ever since his mother passed away after his murder few years later, another family lives there now.

I ask you now to take a close look at his hands. How does he hold his camera? Don’t you find it weird? …

No, we don’t mean that somewhere nearby Kursk there is an exploded nuclear reactor abandoned town and only inhibited by mutated animals or plants. But this article will be rather interesting for readers as we discovered info that are genuinely not available in English!

Pronounciation: Not ‘Kurchatov’ but rather ‘Kurchatough’

First and foremost, Kurchatov city initially was nothing more but an average Russian village, but due to the fact there is a huge lake in its geographical landscape, the Soviet government decided to build a nuclear reactor there to provide efficient energy supply. …

Approximately 30 kilometres away from Kursk City Centre is the village of Testovo, which a very unique and shy infrastructure hidden from the internet paparazzi for over 200 years! Tserkov Nikolaya Chudotvortsa (Church of Nicholas the Wonderworker). It was built in 1827, even older than Pokorovskaya Church from Vinogrobl which was built in 1861.


Coordinates: 51.77822, 36.636634

The journey to this gem began when the Elektrichka from Kursk Vokzal that goes towards Kastornaya direction that left at 9am (60 rubles). We got down at the stop ’29 km’ and made our way through Senovoye village. Nothing much but tranquility…

Typing Vinogrobl or Vinnikovo into google maps may shock you as all you can see is probably green and brown. But as you keep zooming, its secrets can be slightly discovered. Many little villages around, vast fields touching the horizon, beautiful lakes with hardly polluted mother nature that greeted us while we were on our way there.

What does Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Dumbo, Pinocchio and Snow White have in common? They were all created by the legendary Walter Elias Disney a.k.a Walt Disney and have a strict association with the kids growing up watching these shows. We will forever keep Disney close to our hearts as it was a huge part of our childhood.

But Soviet kids had something extra. People living in Russia nowadays even being born in 1980s forgot the name of a Soviet artist who had a particular style of drawing living creatures. …

An iconic photo spot for graduates, newly-weds and even tourists. Here we will explain to you the multiple ways you can reach this place.

Main view of abandoned Railway bridge

As it turns out that Russian nature amazes me every single time with each of its season. Our favourite season will be spring as we gladly say our ‘da svindanya’ to the cold temperatures and often greeted with beautiful flowers.

Here we are going to share with you the location and how to reach these amazing picturesque floral fields.

Sunflower Fields at Kislino. Take bus number 91 and ride until the last stop. walk further for a few minutes and the field will be right in front of you.

Coordinates: 51.642951, 36.182276

If you feel the city center is getting a little pale, then let’s take a short trip to the outskirts of Kursk region. In this guide, we will show you step by step to the most local and possible way to travel out of the city and discover its hidden gems without the benefits of a car.

‘Elektrichka’ is the suburban train that one can take to move efficiently to the outskirts. Go to the underground floor and head over to the counter to buy a ticket to 507KM . Make sure to get a ticket to go and to…

History painting in Russia was brought by Kursk artist Vyacheslav Schwarz.

Self-portrait, before 1869

The great artist Vyacheslav Schwarz was brought by a family of Danish ancestory on 22 September 1838. Historians claim that the house where the family lived in Kursk was located where School #18 is now (Sovetskaya st., 25). His father was Lieutenant General Grigory Schwarz, a hero of the Patriotic War of 1812. His mother, Natalia Schwarz later gave birth to Eugeny Schwarz, a younger brother who worked in Zemstvo (an institute of local government) and was a collector. In total, Vyacheslav had 4 brothers and 2 sisters, which…

View of Korennaya Pustyn Monastery

Korennaya Pustyn is a monastery located in the Svoboda region of Kursk, approximately 30 km from the historical centre region. Despite being a picturesque place, there is much deeper and richer history that attracts religious pilgrims of Orthodox Christians from all over Russia.

Back in 1295, two hunters were walking in the forest around the Tuskar river, found the Icon of Theothokos that was placed facing downwards and as soon as the hunter picked it up, fresh spring water emerged from the ground. The Icon itself has its own story which you can read it here.

The Faded Riverbank

Sharing a common love towards Kursk by sharing stories and parts of historical events in different timelines. Our website: http://thefadedriverbank.tilda.ws/

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